US States Where Selling Raw Milk Is Legal in 2022

US States Where Selling Raw Milk Is Legal in 2022

Selling Raw Milk is now legal in many US states. Despite continuing debate around the world about the safety of consuming raw milk, the USA is making good progress making this popular food available to all.

Each state that allows the sale of raw milk has it’s own legislation governing the distribution channel through which consumers can buy their raw milk. This is because they want to keep some control over the marketing and availability of this controversial product:

We have focused in the sale of raw cow’s milk although most states that allow for the sale of raw cow’s milk also allow the sale of raw goat’s milk.

The three ways you may be able to source your raw milk are:

In-Store retail

Retail directly from producing farms

Direct from producing farms via Cow or Herd Sharing

Raw Milk Sales through In-Store Retail

Some states allows for unfettered access to raw milk in any retail store

Raw Milk Sales Directly from Producing Farms

Some states limit the sale of raw milk to the producer’s farm. This means they can sell it directly on the farm and at a farmer’s market. Some states also allow delivery of raw milk directly from the producing farm to the consumer.

Raw Milk Sales Directly from Producing Farms via Cow Sharing

Under a cow (or herd) share system, consumers can take on a share of the animal’s care and upkeep costs, and in exchange they get a share in the cow’s production giving them access to that cows (or herds) raw milk.

StateRetail Outlet SalesOther Type of Sales
AlabamaYesNo - except as approved by Administrator in an emergency
AlabamaYesNo - except as approved by Administrator in an emergency
ArizonaYesSale as commercial feed - if meets Grade A standards or is "decharacterized." A.A.C. R3-3-904
ArkansasNoYes - sold directly from farms producing up to 500 gallons per month, with labeling and state inspection - A.C.A. § 20-59-248(b)
ColoradoNoYes - cow/goat shares expressly allowed
DelawareNoNot addressed
FloridaNoNot addressed
GeorgiaNoThe sale of raw milk cheese properly processed and aged according to Federal requirements is legal.

The sale of raw milk for animal consumption is legal if the distributor is licensed under the commercial feed laws. The Georgia Department of Agriculture currently has several distributors of raw goat milk for pet food under license.
HawaiiNoNot addressed
IdahoYesCow share programs also permitted. ID ADC
IllinoisNoSale from farm of raw milk produced in accordance with production regulations allowed.
KansasNoYes - on farm sales of raw milk allowed with limitations on promotion of such sale.
KentuckyNoYes - unpasteurized goat milk may be sold with doctor's recommendation.
MaineYesYes - but not at eating establishments.
MassachusettsNoYes (on-farm sales only)
MichiganNoNo, but cowshare agreements are apparently permitted per informal AG opinion.
MinnesotaNoYes - occasional sales from farm or place where milk is produced directly to consumer are allowed.
MississippiNoYes - incidental sales of raw goat milk from farms with fewer than 9 goats directly to the consumer acceptable. Advertising of such sales not permitted.
MissouriNoYes - statute allows for sale and delivery of raw milk directly from farm to final consumer.
NebraskaNoYes - sales on farm allowed
New HampshireYesYes
New JerseyNoNo
New MexicoYesYes
New YorkNoYes - sales on farm allowed
North CarolinaNoYes - for animal feed if clearly marked as such.
North DakotaNoNo
OklahomaNoYes - sales on farm allowed
OregonLimitedYes (small farm exception). Only goat milk is allowed at retail off farm.
Rhode IslandNoYes - raw goat milk may be sold directly to consumer w/ doctor's prescription.
South CarolinaLimitedYes. Allows sale of raw milk both on and off the farm and at a farmers’ market if a permit is obtained. Farmers must provide retail stores with a warning plaque to be displayed in front of the raw milk.
South DakotaNoYes - purchase at farm and delivery direct from farm to consumer excepted from regulations.
TennesseeNoYes (cowshares are legal)
TexasNoYes - sales on farm allowed.
UtahLimitedYes - sales on farm allowed. Requires the store to be owned by the producer (can be located off of the farm). Cow shares prohibited.
VermontNoYes - sales on farm or through delivery direct from farm to consumer for personal consumption allowed through a two tier system.
WashingtonYesYes (cowshares allowed if licensed by the Washington Department of Agriculture)
West VirginiaNoNo
WisconsinNoYes - allows incidental sales directly to consumer at farm where produced.
WyomingNoCow/goat shares are allowed, but not sale of raw dairy products on the farm or in stores.

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